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Feline Golden Age Comprehensive Health Screen

Cats, like people, experience growing old in their own individual ways. After our feline pets reach 11 years of age we consider them to be senior cats. This is a time when age related problems often start to surface. If your cat has reached this age or is older, you may have already noticed some changes in its outward appearance. What you may not notice, however, is how its changing on the inside.

Aging is a natural process, producing changes in body metabolism, hormone balance, and sensory perception. There is an overall gradual decline in the body?s metabolic rate. Decreased drug tolerance, inability to regulate body temperature, decreased caloric needs, and decreased immunity to diseases accompany the decline. Progressive degeneration of hormone producing organs can result in associated diseases. The ability to taste, smell, see, and hear also decreases with age.

Physical and behavioral signs may reflect some of these bodily changes. Physical signs can include a cloudiness of the eyes; a thinning of hair coat; decreased tolerance of the cold; flabby skin; prominent spine and hips; joint stiffness or lameness; graying of the muzzle; muscle atrophy; and deafness. Behaviorally the older cat is less tolerant of environmental changes, sleeps more and is less active, many may seem more irritable.

Fortunately, with appropriate veterinary care and nutrition, your cat?s senior years can be a healthy and happy time. Early detection of problems is the key. Remember: your cat ages 4 years for every one of yours. This suggests that health problems in your cat can progress 4 times faster and therefore, more frequent checkups are necessary. By working together, we can prevent or treat many problems that could rob your cat of it quality of life.

With the careful health monitoring we can provide, many problems can be prevented or, with early diagnosis, treated more successfully. We recommend bringing your senior cat to our clinic at least once a year for a comprehensive wellness examination. As your cat becomes older or begins to show some of the signs of these age related problems we may recommend certain tests be ran more frequently. Our Health Care program tries to promote health and prevent or at least slow the progress of disease in your older cat by focusing on the body systems that are most affected by aging.

The cost for the program as of April, 2018 is $513.53. The cost for these services if ordered individually would be $684.70. By packaging the program this way we can make it more economical for you to give your cat the best and most comprehensive general diagnostic screening program we provide.

Prices are subject to change, so please confirm the current fee when calling for an appointment.


The program includes the following:

2 Scheduled Physical Examinations

Geriatric Panel Blood Profile


Fecal Float

Chest & Abdomen X-rays, 2 views Reviewed by a Radiologist

Blood Pressure Measurement

Core Vaccinations when due

Free Nail Trims for 1 Year

10% off Veterinary Services and Prescription Drugs for 1 year for this pet


Discount does not apply to diets, or non prescription items and cannot be used in combination with other discounts.

Your pet's quality of life is important to us. Please call us today at (253) 536-1505 with your questions or to make an appointment for your pet's Golden Age Wellness Examination. By working together we have an opportunity to help make these the best years of you and your cats life together.