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Animal Hospital of Parkland is proud to announce the newest addition to our technician team, Jessica!
You may recognize Jessica from the hospital. Jessica started as a veterinary assistant and has recently completed all of the required education and licensing associated with becoming a Veterinary Technician!  Before working with animals, Jessica worked for the park service and held various other jobs, but she had wanted to work with animals since elementary school
In 2007, Jessica graduated a Veterinary Assistant program in Spokane and in 2008 she started her career right here at the Animal Hospital of Parkland!  Jessica has a passion for education and advancing her skill set, so a few years ago she entered a Veterinary Technician program. In 2019 she graduated and began taking a series of national and state boards to obtain her Veterinary Technician License.  Jessica found the course challenging, but her determination to complete her goal outweighed the daily struggles of juggling a full-time job, four pets, and two small children at home on top of going to school full time!
Jessica’s favorite part about veterinary medicine is seeing clients return and getting to watch their pets grow. She considers it a privilege to be able to treat them for their entire lives.  There are some pains with becoming a Veterinary Technician. Jessica says she misses being able to scrub into surgery as the doctor’s surgery assistant. Now that she is in a new roll, her job is to pre-medicate, intubate, and monitor patients under anesthesia. It may not be as exciting as the operating room, but it is an extremely important part of the patient’s care and her skills really shine.
She has two mixed breed dogs and two cats at home. One of her cats is aggressive with the staff but a total love at home; not so unlike some other patients we see every day. Her frantic feline is appropriately named Ruckus.
Jessica has a degree in Animal Technology, and is now a Licensed Veterinary Technician for Washington State.  Please give a big warm welcome to Jessica as she steps out of her old Veterinary Assistant shoes into her Licensed Veterinary Technician shoes here at AHOP!